Uplighting, Downlighting, Wall Washing, Path and Step Lighting

DLED-5300 Series Mini-Glow Dimmable LED Light Strip with Sealed Enclosure – Dry Location

The DLED-5300 Mini-Glow LED light strip is a continuous clear or frosted acrylic channel (maximum 12 foot run per feed) that offers a warm, soft, even glow at a huge savings over incandescent or halogen, and contains no harmful gasses.

At only 5/8" in diameter, Mini-Glow LED is compact and get5300 Series Mini-Glow Dimmable LED Light Strip with Sealed enclosure.

  • 24VAC
  • 2.5W per foot
  • 95 lumens per foot
  • Available in 2700K, 3000K, 6500K, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow
  • CRI of 80
  • Beam spread is 120°
  • Maximum run is 12'
  • Maximum single length is 6'
  • Mounted with clips
  • 5 year / 50,000 hour warranty
  • ETL listed

Applicable Dreamscape Power Supplies (click to see power supply products page):

NOTE: Actual length of LED will be less than tube length.

WARNING: Recommended power supply - Use approved Class II magnetic transformers.

Note: Dimmers used must be approved for magnetic loads and use direct current or voltage regulation, such as Lutron Diva Series. Dimmers that use phase forward dimming technology must have a neutral. Check with factory for compatibility.

Important Design Requirements for Applications with Ambient

Temperatures Exceeding 80°F: Mounting clips should be used to support products tubes. A 1/4” free space should be provided at each end of the tube and between tubes that butt together. A 1/16” space is needed on each side of the tube. The spaces noted are to allow the tube to expand as the temperature increases. If Silicone is used to support tube, only apply Silicone to top center area, approximately 1/3 of tube. Leave ends of tube free to move a minimum of 1/4” front and back.

DLED-5300 Diagram

DLED-5300 Light Segments