Continuous LED Lighting for Architectural Linear Lighting

DLED-5100 Series Dimmable LED Light Strip

The DLED 5100 is a continuous line of dimmable led’s soldered to a rigid PC board. They have been designed to give a long consistent color over the 35,000 hr. lamp life, because of good thermal management of the SMD’s and quality phosphors used in production. This products lightsource provides a soft even glow at a huge energy savings over incandescent or halogen. A 35,000 hr. lamp life greatly reduces maintenance .

Constructed of 20 diodes per foot wired to a rigid PC board with jumper wire and feed wire prewired and attached. For lengths from 75” to 96”, two strips are connected by a 1” flex wire joiner.

  • 24V AC/DC
  • 3.9W per foot
  • 260 lumens per foot
  • Available in 2700K, 3000K and 3500K
  • CRI of 97+
  • Beam spread is 120°
  • Maximum run is 8'
  • Maximum single length is 6'
  • Mounted with double stick tape (included) or screws
  • 3 year / 50,000 hour warranty
  • ETL listed

Applicable Dreamscape Power Supplies (click to see power supply products page):

IMPORTANT: LED strips are to be fed from UL Listed Class II magnetic transformers.

Dimmers used must be approved for magnetic loads and use direct current or voltage regulation, such as the Lutron Diva Series. Dimmers that use phase forward dimming technology must have a neutral. Check with factory for compatibility.


DLED-5100 Instructions

DLED-5100 LM79 Report