Concealed Recessed & Architectural Downlight

DLED-7400 Adjustable Scoop Wall Wash Round Recessed Trimless / Flush Trim – LED / MR-16

Interior recessed lighting has reached a new level of sophistication with the development of Dreamscape Lighting's Recessed Trimless and Flush Trims.

The DL-7400-FT adjustable scoop wall wash features a gimble that adjusts vertically from 15° to 90° while achieving full cut-off behind shielding. Available with Soraa's 9.5W LED lamp. At an amazing CRI of 95, you can't find better color rendition in an LED downlight. Also available with 50W MR-16 Halogen.

The requirements of an uninterrupted ceiling space that barely reveals the recessed light sources is now possible via Dreamscape's patented Flush Trim mudding collar and installation procedure that offers a clean, trimless installation.

Design patent No. Des. 427,368. Flush Trim Patent: US 6,474,847,B1

Please see product images and spec sheet.

ETL listed


  • 50W MR-16
  • 9.5W SORAA products - CRI: 95

Housings (see photos of housings below trim diagram image)

  • DL-7001 Non IC
  • DLED-7001 (products)
  • DL-7005-IC-AT
  • DL-7005-IC-AT-FT
  • DLED-7005 (products)

1. Verde Metal Etch 2. Satin Nickel (Plated Finish) 3. Copper Bronze Metal Etch 4. White Powder Coat 5. Ancient Bronze Metal Etch 6. Brass Bronze Metal Etch 7. Custom Color Finish 8. Copper Plate (Plated Finish) 9. Ancient Verde Metal Etch 10. Grey Bronze Metal Etch 11. Rust Brown Powder Coat 12. Black Powder Coat 13. Pewter (Plated Finish) 14. Oil Rubbed Bronze 15. Copper Edge Bronze Powder Coat 16. Black Iron Textured Matte Powder Coat 17. Copper Bronze Powder Coat 18. Marine Bronze Powder Coat (Oil Rubbed Bronze Alternative) 19. Polished Brass

DLED-7400 Spec Sheet