Path Lighting and Step Lighting

Nano Nalu 24V Path Lighting

Nano Nalu is a sculptural formed, proprietary path light that utilizes either a halogen, xelogen or LED light source. Provides general accent illumination to highlight landscape vegetation or hardscape. Achieve design relativity by utilizing Nano-Nalu where smaller scale installations are required in a Nalu environment.

24V Path Lighting with Nano-Nalu will achieve a distinct look in any environment.

1. Verde Metal Etch 2. Satin Nickel Plated Finish 3. Copper Bronze Metal Etch 4. White Powder Coat 5. Ancient Bronze Metal Etch 6. Brass Bronze Metal Etch 7. Custom Color Finish 8. Copper Plated Finish 9. Ancient Verde Metal Etch 10. Grey Bronze Metal Etch 11. Rust Brown Powder Coat 12. Black Powder Coat 13. Pewter Plated Finish 14. Oil Rubbed Bronze 15. Copper Edge Bronze Powder Coat 16. Black Iron Textured Matte Powder Coat 17. Copper Bronze Powder Coat 18. Marine Bronze Powder Coat (Oil Rubbed Bronze Alternative) 19. Polished Brass Plated Finish

DLED-187 Spec Sheet

Nano Nalu Photometric