Uplighting, Downlighting, Wall Washing, Path Lighting and Step Lighting

Mesa Interior and Exterior LED Wall Sconce

Product Description:
Mesa Interior and Exterior LED Wall Sconce illuminators perform many functions, including uplighting columns, grazing architectural surfaces, and illuminating driveways and walkways. Dreamscape’s variety of unique metal etched and plated finishes provide an extensive array of design choices.

Mesa's primary light source varies. From 10W Xicato product COB with dimmable constant current 10W 350mA driver, a 4W AC/DC 12v LED, or halogen MR-11 or ALR lamp.  While routinely fed by a remote power supply, all types can work with an integral power source in the back box; a big advantage when a remote is problematic.

The Mesa Series fixtures are approved for dry, damp and wet location.

Note: Housing is optional and is ordered separately.

Check out Slim Mesa, Slim Nancy and Mesa Grande!

Spec Sheets


DLED-126-SSD 10W

DL-126-INT/EXT (Halogen)

DLED-126 10W Instruction Sheet

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