Continuous LED Lighting for Accent and Task Architectural Linear Lighting

DLED-5600 24V High CRI Dimmable Damp Location LED Light Strip

Finally, a 24V High CRI Dimmable Damp Location LED Light Strip that offers the lighting designer and architect a new dimension in specification grade LED linear (maximum 20 foot run per feed) that offers an even glow at a huge savings over incandescent, halogen or fluorescent. Provides an even glow with exceptional quality for accurate color rendition of clothing and skin tones. The 50,000 hour / 5 year warranty saves on re-lamping which greatly reduces maintenance cost. Runs cooler than incandescent or halogen, and contains no harmful gasses. Only 3.9W per foot.

For an under cabinet version with diffuser lens, see DLED-6000.

Check out the LM79 report on DLED-5600 below under Spec Sheet and a full IES report under CAD / IES Files.

3.9 Watt Series

  • 24V DC
  • 356 lumens per foot
  • CRI 97
  • 3000K/3K90
  • 120° beam spread
  • 20' maximum run
  • 5' maximum single length
  • 28 LED diodes per foot
  • Mounts into coves or other surfaces with screws and/or approved heat transfer double stick tape.
  • ETL
  • 5 year (50,000 hr.) warranty
  • Utilizes dimmable electronic and DC magnetic constant voltage drivers

DLED-5600 3.9W

LM79 for DLED-5600 3.9W