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DLED-9800-VL-FL Series Vertical L 24VDC Dimmable Linear Fixture with Trimless Acrylic Diffuser

Dreamscape Lighting's "Vertical L" architectural products design element is now available in a narrower 2-1/4 inch profile. Since the introduction of this concept, this very popular light configuration has been used to illuminate many types of modern interiors. The DLED-9800-VL-FL Series Vertical L 24VDC Dimmable products Linear Fixture with Trimless Acrylic Diffuser is a creative expression that visually merges the wall and ceiling plane. This is the perfect solution for making a compelling architectural image while still providing useful ambient light. It is suitable for commercial, office, hospitality, healthcare, residential, corridor and vanity lighting applications.

The DLED-9800-VL is available with many types of dimmable drivers, including Lutron L3DAE Hi-Lume™ 1% EcoSytem constant voltage 120v-277v, Lutron LTEA2W Hi-lume 1% 2-wire 120v forward phase dimming, and LTF 0-10% 120 or 277v dimming. The light sources are top tier 90+ CRI in various color temperatures, including 2700K, 3000K and 3500K.


  • Diffuser: High transmission U-shaped white acrylic snap-fit lens
  • Lamping: 50,000 hour 3.9W or 7.8 light source
  • Electrical: All drivers are constant voltage/24VDC
  • Dimming: Select from the following options: LUTRON L3DAE-Hi-Lume™ 1% Eco-System, LUTRON LTEA2W Hi-lume™ 1% 2-Wire 120v forward phase dimming, LTF 2-wire ELV Reverse Phase w/Neutral, or LTF 0-10 120v or 277v
  • Adjustable L-bracket allows for 3/8" - 1" variable recessed depth alignment
  • Housing: Fixture wall is .0625 extruded aluminum
  • White powder coated wiring cover
  • Fixture has one 1/2" knockout on each end
  • Patent: Design Patent No. 473,670S and U.S. Patent No. US 6,616.309 B2

DLED-9800-VL-FL-3.9W Spec Sheet

DLED-9800 Spec Sheet

DLED-9800-VL-FL-7.8 Spec Sheet